In case you’ll sign up with our factory plant maintenance and saferty checks now, the price for it wil be 10% lower than usual!
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In case you’ll sign up with our factory plant maintenance and saferty checks now, the price for it wil be 10% lower than usual!
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Maintenance & Repairs
While doing a regular servicing & maintenance for a factory plant is our major service...
Safety checkups
Performing a safety check is surely one of the biggest challenges that every manufacturing...
Industrial installations
We specialize in installing any kind of factory-grade systems, such as air conditioning...
Industrial coatings
Industrial coatings vary drastically from your regular coating paint. We make sure that...
Heavy machinery repairs
While we focus on servicing factory plants, we also do heavy machinery maintenance...
Waste roll-offs & recycling
We understand how vital a waste management is. We'll help you both in waste deployment and roll-offs...


We do a lot of work for America’s top factory plants. Starting with installing working systems and finishing with maintaining their safety and fixing all the repairs!

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Elizabeth Wilkes

In the first place, the whole concept of hiring a sub-contractor to oversee all the repairs and maintenance just seemed appealing to us. Besides, these industrial services guys managed to keep all of our South Dakota oil wells safe and sound for the last 15 years…

Steve McQueen

As an owner of more than 15 plants, spread across 5 Rustbelt states, I cannot afford myself any kind of downtime. That is why I chose this industrial services company, as I was picking someone… to supervise all of our maintenance, repairs and waste management…

Gerald Walthorp

Because our factory is one of the biggest ones in Idaho, we always found it quite challenging to oversee all the processes there without some kind of a sub-contractor… With the help from these guys, we’ve managed to take all our repair and maintenance needs under control!

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Our construction company has a long experience of work within numerous commercial and governmental fields and industries…

See yourself, how big of a factories we do maintenance for!

We’re in this business almost since the very start – the ’50s… And while along the way we’ve serviced hundreds of small and medium-sized factories, plants and oil wells, we’ve also worked with some massive industrial sites… The video examples the 5 biggest factories which we’ve been doing repairs and maintenance for during the last few years.

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